Freedom Park: A Novel

What do you do if you’re accused of something so heinous, that the mere accusation alone threatens to destroy everything you’ve worked for?

Darnell Scott is no stranger to difficult times. His life up until the point of becoming the first Black mayor of Mountain Ridge, Utah— a city with a complicated history of racial tension and oppression, hadn’t been an easy one. Once a young budding basketball star from Atlanta, Georgia, Darnell learned to lean on valuable life lessons to become a man of growing influence.

As a man who deeply believed in racial and social equality, Darnell made changes as mayor that allowed Mountain Ridge to become a thriving place for all people. After the sudden death of Senator McElroy, Darnell seizes an opportunity to bring change to the rest of the nation. Now finding himself in the midst of an intense Senate race, he is accused of a crime by his political opponent.

Darnell must fight with every ounce of his strength, if he is to clear his name and save everything he holds dear.

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Digging Deep Within: A Story of Courage and Liberation

Corey Brookshire, a young African American man from Washington, D.C. arrives at cross road in his life after the untimely death of his mother Dorothea. From the outside looking in, he appears to have it all but nobody knows the internal struggle that plagues his mind nearly every day.

Struggling to make sense of his new reality, Corey tries to use his career and accomplishments as a way to avoid dealing with the uncomfortable truths of his past. Little by little his growing unhappiness and unwillingness to get help begins to affect his life in ways he never imagined.

Corey soon finds himself navigating through the uncharted territory of an unfulfilling but promising career, new marriage and a barrage of buried unresolved pain. He unintentionally embarks on a journey of self-discovery where he must confront the toils of brokenness, mental anguish and the male stigma of seeking help if he is to find the freedom he so earnestly desires.

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